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    The Royal Academy of Illustration & Design, collectively known as RAID, is an multi media studio and creative agency located in Toronto’s beloved Little Italy District whose primary focus is creative concepts, idea development, and visual solutions, involving illustration, design, and sequential art. Showcasing the talents of Kalman Andrasofszky, Taran Chadra, Scott Hepburn, Ian Herring, Irma Kniivila, Nimit Malavia, Francis Manapul, Ramón Pérez, Gibson Quarter, Gabe Sapienza, Marcus To, Eric Vedder, Tri Vuong, & Tonci Zonjic.

    We are currently doing a major overhaul of our website and apologize for any inconvenience. Should you like to discover more about RAID, a little peek into our world can be seen in the short documentary Comic Book Artists: The Next Generation

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